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Our guests did not know we would be having a strolling magician at our party. They were very entertained and everyone thought Kourosh was fantastic!!

Kim Garcia

Baltimore, MD

He was funny, engaging and had us all guessing and saying “how did he do that?”. I highly recommend him for any event. Great job!!!

Jacki Friedman

Baltimore, MD

Kourosh was so much fun! Kourosh was hired for a birthday party that my company planned for my client. The guest age range was from 25-70, and Kourosh was able to entertain everyone from young and old. He also did some magic that involved my client and her family which entertained all the guest. The guest really enjoyed the intimate magic that he performed throughout the crowd. My client was very pleased with the whole experience.

Melissa Harper

Baltimore, MD

I saw Kourosh at the Barracks Row Festival and he did not disappoint! He has a super fun personality while performing and people were flocking to him to see him and his tricks. He fooled all of us each time and we kept following him around to see more, he seemed to be one of the more popular things at the event. As an entertainer I would hire him if I had any sort of event. What was fun about him was that he was a little more adult with his sense of humor and magic, at the same time he would switch it up when kids came by. He's not a cheesy children's magician, this is someone you would want mostly for adults. I can only hope to see him again again soon!!!

Kristie J.

Baltimore, MD

In the last twenty years I've been involved in the planning of over 2,000 live events - without question Kourosh is one of the most professional entertainers I've ever worked with. Punctual, professional, and responsive are qualities equally important as his mind blowing magic and engaging personality. For a cocktail reception or strolling through a crowd, you will have a tough time finding a more entertaining guy!

Max M.

College Park, MD

My family has hired Kourosh for several parties and also seen him perform tableside at Shaw's Tavern in DC, and he never fails to amaze and amuse. His unique brand of magic fuses comedy, storytelling, and an appreciation for his audience, and he always leaves me feeling like a genius even after I am dumbfounded by his tricks. My only complaint is that he never seems to repeat the same trick twice, so it's impossible to figure out how he does it!

Jamie R.

Washington, DC

Kourosh did a corporate event for us in late April 2017.  He did a great job. Very easy communications, very prompt, and very entertaining. The crowd loved him.

Paul B.

Washington, DC

Kourosh is the best magician I've seen hands down! He's super entertaining and will blow your mind with many of his magic tricks. He's got this this magic thing nailed down. Its just unbelievable that he's not more well known. I can guarantee for whatever event you book him your guests will be thoroughly entertained all while trying to involve everyone in the audience. Everyone will be talking about the magician long after the event has ended. Do yourself a favor and book him - you wont be sorry. He's the next David Blaine.

Chris M.

Gaithersburg, MD

Kourosh not only performs brilliant, original magic; but his presentation and attitude are stellar! He is extremely personable and suave. Kourosh became the life of my event at a cost much less than I imagined, especially for the quality of his service. Definitely hire him if you are looking to entertain a crowd with something unique. I would hire him again without thinking twice!

Jesse R.

Silver Spring, MD

Terrific manner, great tricks, good sense of humor, great in a home or larger event. Will use him again for sure. Mostly card tricks, but all kinds as well.

Jon W.

Washington, DC

Kourosh delivers in all ways in which you would hope a magician would. He involves the audience in times which are appropriate, never leaving us bored, entertaining us between acts and always acting respectively according to what his audience wants. I've been honored to have his services at my party, leaving my guests surprised and excited at the end. His performance is classical and at the same time extraordinary, making you go back after your second guess to try to figure out his tricks (I've given up though, I wouldn't try). He makes it obvious he cares about going beyond satisfying his audience by updating his performances and delivering new shows to amaze. Not gonna lie, it helps that he's pretty good looking to add on to his talent but his skills are enough to make you want to hire him for all different kinds of events. Thanks K, for sharing your skills and humor with us.

Laura S.

Rockville, MD

I have watched Kourosh Taie perform magic for over three years now, and he still keeps creating new effects that astound me! His presentation is fantastic and often hilarious, and his mixture of mentalism and sleight of hand are unparalleled. I frequently invite him out to family functions and first dates... Knowing he'll make any situation entertaining and delightful. Just give him a chance to show you what he can do, or simply watch the reactions of his spectators like I love doing, and you'll know he's the real deal. Thank you so much Kourosh!

Stephen H.

Derwood, MD

Seriously book Kourosh for your next event. We had him perform at our rehearsal dinner and he was the hit of the event, that is after my wife and I. If you want just an okay party or event then do not book Kourosh, but if you want an awesome event that your guests will be talking about well after dust has settled then have K walk around doing interactive magic. He had our guests at the edge of their seats the entire time and his presence is casual he just interacted with our guests and worked off the energy of the room. Seeing magic on tv or on stage is one thing, but being part of the trick is just a whole new level of cool. This is my warning to adults and children, his magic is addictive, if you take part in his magic then you'll want to go back time and time again. I highly recommend Kourosh "The Magic Man" for your next event, he is more than worth it.

Neal N.

Alexandria, VA

Absolutely mystified! What K puts into his illusions is truly unique and captivating in a way that completely avoids cliche. We had the pleasure of hosting a company party at which he ensured everyone who witnessed his work, however briefly, left feeling delighted, wondering, and maybe even a little confused. He's an incredible storyteller and incorporates that into every piece of his performance. I can't recommend him enough.

Kevin W.

Silver Spring, MD

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