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Are you looking for world class entertainment for your corporate event, wedding, or private party? Look no further! I GUARANTEE to make your event a huge success. Every show comes with my 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay. It's that simple.

My unique and sophisticated style of entertainment will mesmerize your guests and have them coming up to you thanking you for the entertainment...even if you don't want them to. 

Virtual Shows
Group Show
Combo Show

Virtual Shows *New!*

Bring your family, friends, or colleagues together with a virtual magic show! Virtual magic shows are an amazing way to bring a shared experience to a group of people you love or care about, even if they’re many miles apart. I will have your invited guests laughing and gasping with dropped jaws as I present miracle after miracle, engaging personally with the individuals watching the show.

You bring the audience and I'll take care of everything else. You'll get an email with your private link to sign into the show. I use cutting edge software to give you a show unlike anything you've seen before! Grab a front row seat to this unique magic and mind-reading experience from the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Events

I offer two types of magical experiences—the kind that's close-up, done right in front of your eyes, and a group show, in which all of your guests are entertained at once.

• Close-Up/Strolling Entertainment


Strolling entertainment is the perfect way to help your guests break the ice, start mingling, engage and excite the crowds, and set a warm and upbeat mood for your event. Your guests will experience magic and mind-reading like they have never seen before – sophisticated and entertaining miracles take place right before their very eyes, often times just inches away from their face and even in their own hands!

As a strolling performer I'll roam around your venue offering intimate performances as I mingle amongst the guests creating a trail of laughter and astonishment. Your guests will become completely enthralled when I reveal their thoughts or when they witness ordinary, everyday objects seemingly come to life right at my fingertips. I will provide your guests with a phenomenal experience that will not soon be forgotten. This is the service that is most commonly requested by my clients and never fails to impress. 


Strolling entertainment is perfect for cocktail hours, welcome parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, company parties, holiday parties, information fairs, graduation events, and mingling parties. As guests breaks into small groups and move around the venue, it can be challenging to get everyone to focus on one “show” or “performer.” Instead, I roam the crowds, finding the perfect opportunities to create bursts of joy and laughter amongst your guests. This works great as an ice breaker to get people excited and energized.

You’ll hear cheers and applause throughout the venue as I create one-on-one interactive magic experiences that will leave your guests speechless.

• Group Show

In a group show, everyone sits down and experiences one big performance together. This can take place anywhere from a small living room to a large stage. Guests are always treated professionally and group shows can run between 15 to 60 minutes.


• Close-Up/Strolling + Group Show Combo

If time permits, combining both the strolling entertainment with the group show ensures everyone gets the complete experience by interacting with the magician first before sitting down to be a part of a show together.


Whether you're celebrating a personal occasion, like a milestone birthday or a wedding anniversary, or a corporate event, like a business conference or sales meeting, magic is the ideal way to engage people in a fun and sophisticated way.

Magic creates a shared experience which bonds people together through laughter and joy. Invite me to surprise and delight the guests at your next special event.


I offer two types of entertainment—the kind that's close-up, done right in front of your eyes, and a group show, in which all of your guests are entertained at once.

Banquets • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • BirthdaysCocktail Hours • Corporate Events •
Family Gatherings • Holiday Parties • Restaurants • Trade Shows • Weddings

Banquet Entertainment

Banquet performances typically begin when guests arrive for cocktail hour. Interactive close-up magic is ideal before dinner begins and can also fit nicely after awards are announced. Your guests will love the extra attention they get from their very own close-up magic show!

The second option is a group magic show where everyone sits down and experiences one big show together. Guests are always treated professionally and group shows can last 15 to 60 minutes. If time permits, combining both the close-up magic and the group show ensures everyone gets the complete experience.  

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment

Relax and enjoy your own party! Feel confident that your guests are in the hands of a professional who knows the flow of a perfect mitzvah celebration! My magic requires no set-up or tear-down, doesn’t require extra staff or space, and is completely unobtrusive to the celebration.

Your son or daughter can watch the magic with their friends or participate directly and be the star of the group show. Then, while the kids are playing games, your friends and relatives can enjoy the interactive close-up magic all to themselves.

I promise to bring many moments of laughter, wonder, and joy to your mitzvah celebration! 

Birthday Entertainment

Planning a birthday party for someone special? Searching for some fun, yet sophisticated entertainment? I've got the perfect solution to make the birthday celebration memorable for all your family and adult guests. 

Whether it's a surprise party, a large scale bash, or a private get together with a few friends, I will deliver mind-blowing magic in a classy and engaging way, giving your guests amazing stories they’ll be telling at every party after this one!

If guests are mingling, enhance the atmosphere with close-up magic. If there's dinner, amaze everyone with a group show. I guarantee to make it an unforgettable and magical birthday party!

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Break the ice, engage your guests, and excite the crowds. At your next cocktail hour event, your guests will experience interactive close-up magic like they have never seen before – sophisticated and entertaining sleight-of-hand just inches from their eyes!

Cocktail hour magic is perfect when you want the magician to stroll amongst the guests as they mingle. As guests breaks into small groups and move around the room, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to focus on one “show” or “performer.” Instead, I roam the crowds, finding the perfect opportunities to create bursts of laughter, joy, and astonishment amongst your guests.

You’ll hear cheers and applause throughout the night in various parts of the room as I create one-on-one interactive magic experiences that will leave your guests speechless.

Corporate Entertainment

Welcome the guests at your next function with a touch of magical hospitality. You'll hear laughter and applause as I delight the guests and engage them with interactive close-up magic.

Looking for a professional to entertain a large crowd? My stage show blends magic, mind reading, and clean comedy to guarantee an exciting, engaging, and evening of first-class entertainment!

Family Gathering Entertainment

What better way to bring the family together than amazement and wonder for the kids and entertaining humor for the adults? 

Have me perform at your next family reunion and I promise to make it unforgettable! Whether you are looking for a big group show or someone to perform up-close at the family table, I can customize my magic to suit to your needs.


I offer a variety of interactive and memorable magic. From skeptical uncles to seen-it-all grandparents, energetic children and everyone in-between, you can rest assured that there is something for every member of your family.

Holiday Party Entertainment

Whether you're hosting a Christmas party, a Hanukkah party, or a Festivus party, allow me to add some magic to your event.

While your guests mix, mingle, and sip on egg nog, I will wander the room, surprising and delighting, presenting mini-miracles during the season of miracles.

I can present magic up-close in small groups, or as a group show for the entire room—or both!

I will bring the magic to your holiday party, whether it's an annual corporate event or a traditional soiree in your home.

Restaurant Entertainment

Want more guests raving about your business and more media attention throughout your city? That’s what I specialize in! My professional, elegant, and non-intrusive style of performing transforms a regular dining experience into a memorable event.

As a highly trained performer that understands the restaurant industry, I have developed the ability to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests and for your staff. I will help make each guest’s visit to your restaurant more fascinating and give your guests more to share with their friends through social media and throughout the community!

Trade Show Entertainment

If your company is exhibiting at a trade show, I will bring in crowds and double your leads.

One of the advantages of hiring a magical entertainer is not just standing out amongst the hundreds of other exhibitors during the trade-show, but most importantly standing out in the memory of the customer after the trade-show. When your salespeople make that crucial follow-up call, they will be delighted to hear how positively people react when they remember the positive and magical experience they had at your booth.

A great “infotainer” doesn’t just deliver product information, and he doesn’t just entertain a crowd. A great trade-show presenter is on a mission to deliver your product information in an engaging, fun, and memorable way.

Make sure your next trade-show investment truly brings you ROI. I’ll work with you to understand your trade-show goals and utilize my skills to meet your needs and get you leads.

Wedding Entertainment

Magic, a lot like love, is universal and can help bring everyone closer together. Whether you are young or old, there is no question that everyone loves magic because it creates happiness and wonder.

Help guests mingle with those they've never met by adding strolling magic to your cocktail hour. I will walk around group to group, sharing amazing magic up close and personal in the hands of your guests. I keep the energy up during the wedding party photo session and I help remind guests that we are here to celebrate and have fun!

I'm also often requested to do personalized magic shows for friends and family at rehearsal dinners. I love wedding celebrations and work closely with your vision to add the right magical touch to your big day!

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Cocktail Hours
Corporate Events
Family Gatherings
Holiday Parties
Trade Shows
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